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The Impact of Europeanization in Cyprus Contract Law and the Spill-Over to Matters of Civil Procedure: More Pieces on the Mosaic?


Author: Nicholas Mouttotos 
ISBN: 9789462362062
Publisher: Eleven International Publishing
Date Published: 2021
Format: Paperback

Major processes of transformation in the legal system of Cyprus have only begun as a result of the effects of the financial crisis, despite initial hopes of combining accession with modernization of the law. Over-indebtedness problems and court congestion have been the impetus for change, with the EU having a major role in the adopted solutions.
This book aims at examining the impact of European contract law and civil procedure upon the legal system of Cyprus, taking into account its mixed elements and whether these elements have contributed towards a smooth reception of EU law. The analysis in this book focuses on contract law and civil procedure. The New Deal for Consumers and the recent emphasis on ensuring the effectiveness of EU (consumer) law is an important part of the study. The analysis of the jurisprudence from Cyprus and the cross-comparisons with other jurisdictions are available to both Cypriot jurists and academics on the one hand, and jurists and academics of comparative and European contract law on the other.



Part I Approximation from Theory

2 The Legal System of Cyprus as a Mixed Legal System

3 Comparative Law and Economics

4 Contract Law in the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis

Part II Approximation from Practice

5 The Impact of European Law on Contract Law in Cyprus

6 Procedural Law as a Tool Towards Changing the Law

7 Conclusions

List of References

List of Cases