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Information Technology Transactions: Legal and Commercial Strategies


Author: Duncan Cornell Card
ISBN: 0-421-89540-3
Publisher: Thomson / Sweet&Maxwell
Date Published: 2005

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 0-421-89540-3 Κατηγορία:

This title guides the user through all the stages of an IT transaction, step by step, offering insight and practical advice on what details to remember and what to avoid. It provides insight into the transaction process from the perspective of both the legal drafter and their commercial client, and is an ideal tool for both parties to use as they navigate complex technology transactions. * Goes through an IT transaction chronologically, from begining to end – so the key issues at each stage are clear * Examines the commercial issues that bear on the transaction as well as the strictly legal concerns * Uses bullet points and lists to clarify key steps * Full of hints and tips from an experienced practitioner on what to look out for at all stages of planning, negotiating and completing any IT transaction


Chapter 1: The Preparation and Planning Phase
Chapter 2:The Preliminary Steps of Engagement
Chapter 3: Strategies and Negotiation of Key Business and Legal Issues
Chapter 4: Risk- Management Strategies
Chapter 5:Transaction Balance and Judgment