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European Union Third Edition


Author: Christian Dadomo & Noëlle Quénivet
ISBN: 9780993336591
Publisher: Hall & Stott Publishing
Date Published: 2020
Format: Paperback

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 9780993336591 Κατηγορία:

European Union Law is written for students on LLB and GDL courses and aims to reflect developments in legal education. The book fully explores the core areas of European Union law, whilst setting them in a contextual and practical framework. Its writing style is accessible to all. To show how the law applies in reality, key cases are summarised and explained in discrete boxes, and the structure of European Union law is abundantly illustrated with diagrams, tables and other visual aids. At the end of each chapter, summaries enable students to remember the main relevant points, and, to encourage them to engage further with the law, there are suggested reading lists. New for this edition: the latest development on Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU a new structure presenting the primacy of EU law and its relationship with direct effect (including Poplawski) and the reaction of Supreme constitutional courts (including the Ajos case of the Danish Supreme Court and the ECB case of the German Federal Constitutional Court of 5 May 2020) the latest Regulation on the principle of mutual recognition of goods lawfully marketed in another Member State the new 2019 Regulation on the European Citizens’ Initiative and the latest cases on ECI the latest developments in the case law of the CJCE on European citizenship (including Coman, Tjebbes, Chenchooliah, Banger, Lounes, Diallo, Vomero and TopFit) the latest developments in competition law (including the Intel, Icap cases)


Part 1: The foundation of the European Union
1. Creation of the European community and European Union
2. The institutional framework of the European Union
3. Division of Competences between the Union and the Member States
4. The sources of European law
5. The law-making process in the European Union

Part 2: The relationship between Eu Law and National Laws
6. The constitutional pillars of European union law
7. The effectiveness of European Union Law

Part 3: The European Judiciary
8. The court of justice of the European union
9. Preliminary ruling procedure on interpretation and validity
10. Judicial Supervision of European Union Institutions

Part 4: Trade within the internal market
11. The internal market and harmonization
12. The free movement of goods: The customs Union and the abolition of tariff barriers
13. The free movement of goods: the abolition of non-tariff barriers
14. The free movement of goods: derogations and justifications
15. Freedom to exercise an economic activity

Part 5:
16. Core Concepts of competition law
17. Substantive competition rules applicable to undertakings
18. Enforcement of competition rules

Part 6: European citizenship and the free movement of European citizens
19. European citizenship
20. The free movement of European citizens