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Durga Das Basu Commentary on the Constitution of India 9th Edition


Author: Durga Das Basu
ISBN: 978-81-8038-494-3
Publisher: Butterworths / LexisNexis
Date Published: 2009
Format: Hardback

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 978-81-8038-494-3 Κατηγορία:

First published in 1950, this pioneering work on the Indian Constitution enjoys the reputation of being one of the most authoritative publications on the subject • An evergreen classic, this work is amongst the most comprehensive commentaries on the Constitution of India • Makes a critical and comparative analysis of the provisions of Indian Constitution and examines them from philosophical, sociological, political as well as legal perspectives • Volume 8 of this monumental work covers Articles 79 to 123 of the Constitution. This Volume has been painstakingly updated to include the latest cases, legislative amendments and current developments in the constitutional law • All Latest and notable cases of the Supreme Court as well as various High Courts have been incorporated • Provides a detailed synopses for easy navigation and reference • An indispensable source of reference to Lawyers, Judges, Constitutional Law Experts, Officials of Central and State Government Law Departments, Academicians, Administrators and all such individuals who are in any way concerned with the working of the Constitution of India