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Conservatory measures (interim injunctions in Cypriot and Greek Law


Επιμέλεια/ Edited by:Καλλιόπη Θ. Μακρίδου, Γεώργιος Ν. Διαμαντόπουλος
Συγγραφές / Author: Αχιλλέας Αιμιλιανίδης, Χρίστος Κληρίδης, Χαρούλα Απαλαγάκη, Παναγής Α. Χριστοδούλου, Νικόλας Κυριακίδης, Σαλώμη  Γιάλλουρου, Ευγενία Φερεντίνου, Σπύρος Ανδρίτσος, Άννα Ε. Πλεύρη
ISBN: 9789606488436
Εκδότης / Publisher: ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΣΑΚΚΟΥΛΑ
Ημ. Εκδοσης / Date of Publish: 2024
Βιβλιοδεσία / Format: Εύκαμπτη

Comparison among different procedural systems prevents the isolation of legal orders and leads to the improvement of institutions. Conservatory Measures (Interim Injunctions) in Cypriot and Greek Law are in the center of this seventh volume.

Concerning the categories presented, the first one regards interim injunctions of immovable property in Cypriot and Greek law and the second one views interim injunctions on freezing bank accounts in Cypriot and Greek law in relation to the European Regulation establishing a European Account Preservation Order.

In the essays, the reader will find useful analyses of Greek and Cypriot procedural law in English. Four great keynote presentations and four very comprehensive, in depth and enlightening comments/interventions. All presentations will help the reader to become familiar with Conservatory Measures (Interim Injunctions) in Cypriot and Greek Law.


Table of Contents

VSeries Editors’ Foreword

VIIOpening of the conference (by Prof. Kalliopi Makridou)

1Interim Injunctions regarding Immovable Property in Cypriot Law (by Prof. Achilles C. Emilianides)

11. The Civil Procedure Rules

52. Interlocutory Applications

52.1. The Old CPR

92.2. The New CPR

123. Ex Parte Proceedings

194. Requirements for Interlocutory Injunctions

295. Prohibitive orders

336. Specific Interim Orders

39Interim Injunctions Freezing Bank Accounts under Cyprus law (by Prof. Christos Clerides)

391. Introduction

402. Historical development of the law

40(a) The law prior to Mareva

40(I) Interim Injunctions Freezing Bank Accounts and Search Orders

41(II) Mareva Injunction

42(ΙΙΙ) The criteria to be fulfilled

43(b) The turning point

43(I) Nemitsas and Pastella Marine

52(II) Other related issues

52(III) Worldwide Mareva injunctions – (WFO – Worldwide Freezing Orders)

53(c) The law today

57(d) Jurisprudence in England

603. Jurisdiction

60(a) Courts of first instance

63(b) Second and third tier jurisdiction

644. The Procedure

64(a) Cases filed before 1.9

67(b) Cases filed after September

705. Some Conclusions

73Interim injunctions freezing bank accounts under Greek Law [Regulation 655/2014 (establishing a European Account Preservation Order) and Art. 738A of the Greek Civil Procedure Code] (by Prof. Charoula Apalagaki)

73I. Introduction

74II. The context and the focus (main points of the presentation)

78III. Interpretation of the Regulation under the provision of 738A of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure

79IV. The specific provisions

79a. Regarding jurisdiction for the issuance of a preservation order by a greek Court

82b. As far as competence is concerned

82c. Application-request, context

84d. Need of proof

86e. Urgent need

88f. Required evidence. Degree of the sufficient proof. Is probability sufficient?

91g. Especially the right to information (Art. 14 of the Regulation)

93h. Intermediate remarks

93V. Procedure after the issuance of the order. Execution of it. Defence rights of the debtor

97VI. Some additional remarks on the Greek Law regarding the execution of preservation orders issued by the Courts of another member State

98VII. Final conclusions

101Interim injunctions of immovable property under Greek law (by Dr. Panagis Christodoulou)

1011. Introduction

1042. Constitutional and supranational armour of provisional measures

1063. Preconditions and rules for the grant of provisional remedies

1063.1. Prerequisites for the grant of provisional remedies

106a. Interim protection of rights recognized by law

107b. Existence of an urgent situation and imminent danger

1083.2. General principles in provisional remedies proceedings

108a. Ordering the most appropriate provisional remedy

109b. Evidence

109c. Prohibition of the satisfaction of the substantive right

111d. The temporary validity of provisional remedies

112e. Revocation of provisional remedies

113f. Interim order

1144. Provisional Measures and immovable property

1154.1. Prenotice of mortgage

115a. Importance, meaning and content

117b. Preconditions for granting Prenotice of mortgage

117b. i. Properties subject to Mortgage prenotation

118b. ii. Existence of the claim to be secured

118b. iii. Legal titles granting the right to register a Mortgage Note

119b. iv. Imminent danger of the claim to be secured

120c. Subject matter and territorial jurisdiction

121d. Content of the petition and the judgement

122e. Nullity

122f. Consensual Mortgage prenotation

1234.2. Conservatory attachment

123a. Importance, purpose and content

125b. Preconditions for enforcing conservatory attachment

127c. Procedure relating to real property

128d. Consequences

129e. Enforcing conservatory attachment according to Art. 724 CCivP

1304.3. Judicial Escrow

130a. Meaning and function

131b. Objects subject to Judicial escrow

132c. Preconditions for ordering judicial escrow

134d. Legitimation and Competence

134e. Elements of the judgement

135f. Special provisions

1354.4. Sealing, Unsealing and Inventory in real properties

135a. General definition

136b. Definition of meanings

136c. Preconditions, procedure and consequences of Sealing and Unsealing

137d. Preconditions, procedure and consequences of Inventory

1385. Concluding remarks

139Preservation orders in Cyprus and Greece through the lens of the European Account Preservation Order (by Dr. Nicolas Kyriakides)

139I. Introduction

140II. The European Account Preservation Order

143III. Interim relief in Cyprus and Greece and its enforcement

148IV. The application of the EAPO regulation

150V. Conclusion

153Interim orders freezing immovable property and rights of third parties in the Cypriot legal order (by Dr. Salome Yiallourou)

1531. Introduction

1532. Cases

1573. Remedies

1704. Precautions

1775. Conclusion

179On the legal nature and limits of the court’s discretionary power in selecting and shaping the content of the interim measure imposed on immovable property (by Dr. Eugenia Ferentinou)

1791. Introductory remarks

1802. The views that have been put forward concerning the legal nature of the discretionary power of the court to order such injunctive relief as it deems appropriate

1883. The limits of the court’s power in selecting and shaping the content of the interim measure imposed on immovable property, in conjunction with the partial exemption from the principle of party disposition in interim proceedings

1923.1. The three opinions supported on this issue

1933.1.1. The most restrictive approach

1953.1.2. The prevailing opinion

1983.1.3. The disengagement of judicial discretion from the type of injunctive measure requested, according to a dissenting third viewpoint

2004. In conclusion

201European Account Preservation Order. The notions of “fault” and “damage” under article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 655/2014 on creditor liability (by Spyros Andritsos)

2011. Introduction

2022. Substantive rules on creditor’s liability. The interplay between European Law and national laws

2042.1. The notion of “fault” under article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 655/2014

2072.2. The notion of “damage” under article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 655/2014

209Concluding Remarks (by Ass. Prof. Anna Plevri)