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Blackstone’s Civil Practice 2023

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Edited by: Derek French, Stuart Sime
ISBN: 9780192899439 
Εκδότης / Publisher:
Oxford University Press
Ημ. Εκδοσης / Date of Publish:
February 2023
Βιβλιοδεσία / Format:

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 9780192899439 Κατηγορίες: , ,

Blackstone’s Civil Practice 2023 provides a detailed and accessible commentary of unrivalled quality on the process of civil litigation. Written by a team of expert practitioners and academics, it adopts a narrative approach based on the chronology of a claim, providing authoritative analysis from commencement of a claim through to enforcement of judgments, and addressing civil procedure in the County Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The work also considers specialist areas such as insolvency proceedings, sale of goods and human rights, providing expert analysis on a comprehensive level.

This expert commentary is combined with a range of useful reference materials to aid with court preparation and practice – such as procedural checklists and a quick-reference guide to the most important and useful paragraphs which often need to be accessed in a hurry.

Blackstone’s Civil Practice 2023: Digital Pack includes a hardcopy of the work alongside a digital version that can be accessed through the LawReader app on PC, Mac, Android devices, iPad, or iPhone. LawReader offers an ebook with enhanced searchability and functionality, ensuring that you have easy access to the complete work wherever you are.


A:General Matters

B:Funding Litigation

C:Before Commencing a Claim


E:Responding to a Claim


G:Statements of Case

H:Interim Applications

I:Case Management





N:Alternative Dispute Resolution

O:Appeals, Judicial Review, and EU References


Q:Insovlency and Companies Proceedings

R:Mortgage Possession Claims

S:Anti-Social Behaviour and Harassment

T:Sale of Goods and Unfair Contracts

U:Human Rights and Civil Procedure