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Bingham’s Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases 16th ed


Edited by: Anthony Johnson
ISBN: 9781474323390
Εκδότης / Publisher: LexisNexis Butterworths
Ημ. Εκδοσης / Date of Publish: December 2023
Βιβλιοδεσία / Format: Hardback

Κωδικός προϊόντος: 9781474323390 Κατηγορίες: ,

This book provides practical guidance and information to all practitioners dealing with personal injury litigation and other claims arising out of road traffic accidents. It has a wide scope, containing a combination of practical procedural advice, legal background and summaries of reported cases, extending outside the realm of motor claims where the same are relevant. It also clearly explains the principles behind the assessment of damages and offers advice on practice and procedure in the conduct of claims, including technical issues related to insurance policies and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and in-depth consideration of matters of costs and litigation funding.

The new edition has been extensively updated since the 15th edition (2018) and supplement (2020) by the new editorial team from Temple Garden Chambers. It takes into account all of the major and less major changes in both motor and personal injury litigation that have taken place since those editions. The post-Brexit legal landscape is addressed in some detail. The anecdotal increase in fraudulent claims and credit hire claims are addressed in spotlight. There is also a considerable focus on the future, particularly in terms of the whiplash reforms and automated and electric vehicles (driverless cars).


Part 1: Liability

Chapter 1 – General Principles of Negligence

Chapter 2 – Denials, Defences and Contributory Negligence

Chapter 3 – Limination

Chapter 4 – Driving, Manoeuvring and Parking

Chapter 5 – Motorcyclists and Cyclists

Chapter 6 – Passengers

Chapter 7 – Pedestrians

Chapter 8 – Liability of Childres

Chapter 9 – Highways and Nuisance

Chapter 10 – Animals

Chapter 11 – Vicarious Liability

Chapter 12 – Fundamental Dishonesty and Motor Insurance Fraud

Chapter 13 – Driverless Cars

Part 2: Quantum and Costs

Chapter 14 – General Principles of Quantum

Chapter 15 – Quantification of Damages

Chapter 16 – Quantification of RTA Whiplash Claims

Chapter 17 – Deductions and Benefits

Chapter 18 – Damages in Fatal Cases

Chapter 19 –  Credit Hire

Chapter 20 – Costs

Chapter 21 – Part 36 and Offers

Part 3: Procedure

Chapter 22 – Introduction to Civil Procedure

Chapter 23 – Issuing Proceedings

Chapter 24 – Service of Proceedings

Chapter 25 – Responding to Claims

Chapter 26 – Counterclaims and Additional Claims

Chapter 27 – Allocation and Track

Chapter 28 – Disclosure

Chapter 29 – Lay Witnesses Evidence

Chapter 30 – Expert Evidence

Chapter 31 – Applications and Amendments

Chapter 32 – Interim Remedies and Security for Costs

Chapter 33 – Strike Out and Summary Judgment

Chapter 34 – Trial

Chapter 35 – Appeals

Chapter 36 – Claims Under the RTA Protocols

Chapter 37 – Children and Protected Parties

Chapter 38 – Accidents Abroad

Part 4 : Insurance

Chapter 39General Principles of Motor Insurance

Chapter 40 – Coverage

Chapter 41 – Motor Insurers’ Bureau