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Bellamy & Child European Union Law of Competition Eighth Edition
Bellamy & Child European Union Law of Competition Eighth Edition
Author: David Bailey and Laura Elizabeth John
ISBN: 9780198794752
Publisher: Oxford
Date Published: 2018
Format: Hardback
Price: 490.00
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Now in its eighth edition, Bellamy & Child is the leading authority on EU competition law. It offers a clear and comprehensive exposition of law and procedure, with exhaustive citation of judicial and legislative authorities. Fully up-to-date with major developments in substantive law and case law, this is an essential purchase for EU competition law practitioners.
1: EU Competition Law and its Territorial Reach, David Bailey 2: Article 101(1), David Bailey 3: Article 101(3), George Lusty & Saskia King 4: Market Definition, Philip Woolfe & Julianne Kerr Morrison 5: Cartels, Frances Barr 6: Non-Covert Horizontal Cooperation, James Aitken & Alastair Chapman 7: Vertical Agreements Affecting Distribution or Supply, Rob Williams & Ben Lask 8: Merger Control, John Boyce & Anna Lyle-Smythe 9: Intellectual Property Rights, Oke Odudu 10: Article 102, Rhodri Thompson QC, Christopher Brown, Nicholas Gibson 11: The Competition Rules and the Acts of Member States, Josh Holmes QC & David Gregory 12: Sectoral Regimes, Stephen Hurley, Ligia Osepciu, Robert Wells, Fabio Falconi, Manish Das 13: Enforcement and Procedure, Tim Ward QC, James Bourke, Milan Kristof 14: Fines for Substantive Infringements, Anthony Dawes & Josephine Norris 15: The Enforcement of the Competition Rules by National Competition Authorities, Ben Rayment & Nikolaus Grubeck 16: Litigating Infringements in the National Courts, Jon Turner QC, Anneli Howard, Michael Armitage 17: State Aids, George Peretz QC & Daisy Mackersie

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Κυπριακές Εκδόσεις
Ελληνικές Εκδόσεις
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