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Commercial Law
Commercial Law Text, Cases, and Materials
Fourth Edition
Commercial Law Text, Cases, and Materials Fourth Edition
Author: LS Sealy and Rja Hooley
ISBN: 978-0-19-929903-4
Publisher: OXFORD
Date Published: 2009
Price: 57.00
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Commercial Law: Text Cases and Materials has been an indispensable and hugely popular resource for students of law and business management for over ten years. Combining extracts from cases and other materials with substantial commentary and explanatory text, Sealy and Hooley provide context for the extracts, question their significance, and provide an authoritative guide to commercial law. This book follows a very clear structure, discussing topics covered on commercial law courses not as separate entities, but as part of a coherent whole, enabling students to easily make links between different areas of the law. Fundamental concepts such as ownership, possession, and good faith run through the book, offering common themes connecting each area. The authors supply extensive commentary on key decisions, helping students to focus on the most important areas; also provided are European and American examples, ensuring that students have access to a comparative analysis of commercial law as it operates throughout the world. Praised for the clarity of writing and mapping well onto a variety of courses, the emphasis throughout this book is on practical application - how is the law used in practice? Diagrams and questions enable students to check progress and consolidate understanding. Whilst maintaining the previous edition's successful structure and style, this edition takes into account all of the major changes in the law since 2003 and provides extracts from recent key cases. Sealy and Hooley's Commercial Law brings together the best features of a textbook and casebook, making it an invaluable one-stop resource.
1: Introduction 1: An Introduction to Commercial Law 2: Basic Concepts of Personal Property 2: The Law of Agency 3: Introduction 4: Creation of Agency and the Authority of the Agent 5: Relations with Third Parties 6: Relations between Principal and Agent 3: Domestic Sales Law 7: Introduction and Definitions 8: Passing of the Property in the Goods as between Seller and Buyer 9: Transfer of Title 10: Statutory Implied Terms 11: Performance of the Contract 12: Remedies of the Seller 13: Remedies of the Buyer 4: International Sales 14: International Sales 5: Bills of Exchange and Banking 15: Negotiable Instruments 16: Bills of Exchange 17: Banks and their Customers 18: Payment Systems 19: Cheques and Other Instruments 20: Payment Cards 6: The Financing of International Trade 21: The Financing of International Trade 22: Assignment of Choses in Action 23: Receivable Financing 7: Commercial Credit and Security 24: Introduction 25: Possessory Security 26: Non-possessory Security 27: Guarantees 8: Principles of Insurance Law 28: Insurance 9: Insolvency Law 29: Insolvency Appendix Forms

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