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Market Abuse and Insider Dealing

Third Edition
Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Third Edition
Author: Barry Rider, Kern Alexander, Stuart Bazley, Jeffrey Bryant
ISBN: 978-1-78043-495-7
Date Published: 2016
Format: Hardback
Price: 165.00
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Market Abuse and Insider Dealing, 3rd edition provides a comprehensive exposition of the law of insider dealing and market abuse, including analysis of the interplay between UK Criminal law and Administrative law regulation of abusive behaviour in the UK financial markets. The title covers areas including: • Insider dealing – the civil law • The main offences for insider dealing • Market abuse – regulatory discipline and the civil law • Fraud offences as they relate to market abuse • Money laundering and market abuse • Conflicts of interest • The liability of issuers of securities in respect of disclosure and inside information • Information gathering, market surveillance, investigations and enforcement • Compliance systems and controls and control liability
Chapter 1 The nature of insider dealing and market abuse Chapter 2 Insider dealing: the civil law Chapter 3 The main offences of insider dealing - dealing on the basis of inside information Chapter 4 The market abuse regime Chapter 5 FSMA criminal offences of market manipulation Chapter 6 Fraud and financial crime Chapter 7 Anti-money laundering and proceeds of crime Chapter 8 Conflicts of interest Chapter 9 Issuer disclosure and liability Chapter 10 Information gathering Chapter 11 Investigations Chapter 12 Enforcement issues Chapter 13 Compliance procedures and systems Chapter 14 Personal liability of senior managers and compliance officers Chapter 15 Control liability Chapter 16 The impact of other laws: domestic and overseas

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Κυπριακές Εκδόσεις
Ελληνικές Εκδόσεις
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